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What Will I Learn?

Divided into 3 stages this course will teach you dog handling, prep work, clipping and day to day haircut styles to help you become a Dog Groomer to be either employed in a salon or to run your own Grooming Practice.
This is designed for experienced groomers who want to upskill on time saving techniques and breed specific cuts and styles


A Dog Groomer, Really?!

The market size of the Pet Grooming & Boarding industry increased 6.4% in 2022, with younger generations choosing to have pets over children, this is a trend across the board in the global market, making it a possibility for an experienced Pet Groomer to even work overseas. Companion animal pet ownership in New Zealand alone has been estimated to be 64% of households, according to Companion Animals New Zealand (CANZ), this ranks NZ second in the world, following the USA with 67% of the households owning companion animal pets.


Think about where that places you as a potential Dog Groomer when securing a job or operating your own practice, with demand in NZ for skilled work being at a all times high, this can be a career option with massively positive outcomes when it comes to cost x benefit comparisons. In a relatively short time frame, you can become a professional in high demand.

Become a Dog Groomer


Meet Your Tutor

Who am I Learning From?

Fernanda Marangoni, has over 20 years of experience in the Pet Grooming Industry, 15 of those in New Zealand alone, Fernanda is a New Zealand Certified Master Groomer, an International Certified Master Groomer and a World Medalist representing New Zealand

Dog Grooming tutor
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